Why has the credit in my account decreased from €12.00 to €10.80 even though I have not used the SIM card?

As well as a price plan, when you were activating your SIM card you also selected credit management automation. If you did not create a customized automation system, the default automation system will be active on your SIM card. Under the default automation system, your SIM card will initially be recharged with 10 MB and the credit will be taken from your account. For a SIM card in a zone 1 country (such as Italy) the price of 10 MB for consumers is €1.20 (including VAT).

After the first recharge, an automatic system will manage the credit in your account and transfer it to your SIM card(s) by adding a 10 MB recharge every time the data traffic available on each SIM card drops below the threshold of 9.5 MB.

In the “Credit Management” section of the IoT Portal you can see a recharge history, with details of all transfers of credit from your account to your SIM card.

You can change your automation settings by entering the IoT Portal (click here: https://www.thingsmobile.com/login) and then going to the “Data package and automations” section.

The section allows you to set the minimum data traffic threshold and the recharge amount to add to the SIM card in MB.