Activating a SIM card interval

The procedure for activating a SIM card interval is as follows:

• Click here to access the IoT Portal: Enter the login credentials (username and password) that you received in your account activation confirmation email. If you cannot find your login credentials, you can recover them by clicking on this link:
• Click the “Activate a SIM card interval” button in the menu on the left
Enter the start number and end number of the SIM card range you wish to activate. A SIM card interval can be activated if the SIM cards in question are in the List of SIM cards
• Click “CONTINUE”
Choose a plan from the selection: Pay-per-use plan, Individual data package, Shared data package (for business customers only), Unlimited plan (for business customers only). Select an automation option (we recommend the default automation option) and add a name and a tag if you like
• Click “CONTINUE”
• Complete the activation process by clicking “CONTINUE” on the “Activation Summary” page
• Wait for a confirmation email