Transferring a SIM card to another user

The procedure for transferring a SIM card from one user to another is as follows:

  • Log in to the IoT Portal (click here and enter your username and password)
  • Select a SIM card in the “List of SIM cards” section by clicking in the box to the left of it
  • Select “Transfer SIM card to another user” in the menu at the top
  • Enter the username of the user to whom you wish to transfer the SIM card If the user does not exist yet, create a new user by following the procedure described here:
  • Click “CONTINUE” to confirm
  • The selected user will receive an email with a link that must be clicked in order to accept the transfer
  • Once it has been accepted, the selected SIM card or SIM cards will be transferred to the new account and they will be waiting for activation
  • To activate the transferred SIM card or SIM cards, follow the procedure described here:

    The following are not transferred with the selected SIM card or SIM cards:

    • The shared credit in the account
    • The associated plan
    • The utilization records (such as the CDR and countries of use)
    • Any settings added in the IoT Portal, such as daily, monthly or overall usage limits.