General information about the IoT Portal

Thanks to the IoT Portal you can monitor and manage SIM cards using a comprehensive, efficient web platform: activate and check the consumption of SIM cards, enter alert thresholds and check the network operation of SIM cards.

You can find details of some of the IoT functions below:
Add as many SIM cards as you want
In the IoT Portal you can add an unlimited number of SIM cards and manage your devices with a single simple and user-friendly web platform.
Transfer SIM cards to another user
It takes just one click to transfer one or more SIM cards from one user to another: send the request and, as soon as it is accepted, all of the SIM cards will be transferred.
Choose the countries of operation
Select the countries where you want a SIM card to be operational. In all other countries, you can disable the connection to prevent it from connecting to the network.
Set up automations
Create custom automation options for credit and data traffic management on SIM cards. Save time and money thanks to unbeatable resource management.
See where each SIM card is located 
Manage your SIM cards with names, tags, groups, global searches and custom filters. Get valuable information with the SIM card detail pages, such as the location of the last connected cell tower.
Manage all settings
Activate, block, disconnect, reactivate, set an expiration date and change plans whenever you want. You have total flexibility and control over every SIM card and data plan.
Keep everything under control
See every detail about how your team is using the Things Mobile network. The analytics show connections and usage both globally and for each SIM card.
Immerse yourself in details and diagnostics 
Consult the data sessions to find detailed information and conduct analyses to identify SIM cards that are not performing correctly.
Simple, honest prices
Choose and activate the data plan that best suits your needs. You can change it whenever you want with a few clicks in the IoT Portal. All of our plans are transparent and free of additional fees.
Share access with other people
Create secondary users and manage authorizations for each member of your team, in order to ensure your device settings are secure.