My SIM card is not receiving SMS messages. What do I need to do?

First of all, when you send an SMS message to a number under another operator, make sure that you put 00 or + and the appropriate country code before the number (for example, 0039 or +39 for Italy). If you have used the country code and SMS messages are still not arriving, put the Things Mobile SIM card in a smartphone and do as follows: 

• Turn on the data connection and data roaming
• Set the APN as “TM”
• Check that the SIM card automatically connects to one of the available operators
• Send a test SMS message and check that it arrives
• If it does not, manually select a different operator and send a new SMS message. Repeat the procedure with all available operators
• Send SMS messages to telephone numbers with a range of different operators and check that they arrive
If these tests are unsuccessful in some or all cases, email our customer service team at and provide them with the following information:
• The name of the operator for the number that did not receive the SMS message
• The operator to which the Things Mobile SIM card was connected when the SMS message was sent
• The date and time when the SMS message was sent
• Screenshots of any error messages displayed by the smartphone