My SIM card is not working. What do I need to do?

The SIM cards are programmed to connect automatically to the operator with the strongest signal in the area in question, so there could be a number of causes behind operating issues such as a lack of network or data connection. Therefore, we advise you to carry out the checks described below.

Problems with your account or SIM card settings
• Check if there is any credit in your account and recharge it if necessary 
• Ensure that the SIM card is “Active” If the SIM card is “Blocked” or “Disconnected”, click the “Reactivate” button (learn more about the reasons why it might be blocked or disconnected here MANCA LINK).
SIM card incorrectly inserted in the device or incompatible device
• Ensure that the SIM card is correctly inserted in the device
• Check that the device is compatible with international SIM cards and that it has not been blocked by local operators
Incorrect device settings
• Make sure that the APN is set as “TM” and the username and password fields are empty. If the SIM card has a public fixed IP address, the APN should be set as JTFIXEDPUBLIC
• Check that the data traffic and data roaming options (if present) are both active. With satellite trackers and devices that operate on GPS/GPRS networks, check that the setting in question is enabled
Little or no coverage and signal from operators
• Check that there is a strong enough signal from at least one of Things Mobile’s partner operators in the area where the SIM card is found. If there is little or no signal, move the device to another area
• Click “Restart SIM card” in the IoT Portal to start a new connection session
If the problem with the device persists, remove the SIM card from the device, put it in a smartphone and do as follows:
• Turn on the data connection
• Turn on data roaming
• Check that the name of the APN is “TM”. If the SIM card has a public fixed IP address, the APN should be set as “JTFIXEDPUBLIC”
• Leave the username and password fields empty
• Check that the smartphone automatically connects to an operator
• If this is not the case, manually select an available operator from those listed in the “Coverage” section: 
• Try to browse the web.
If it works, put the SIM card in the device, repeat the test and check if the device is working properly. 
If it does not work, send an email to and provide the following information:
• The location, date and local time when you carried out the test (i.e. the connection attempt)
• The selected operators
• A screenshot showing the connection error and a screenshot showing the APN setting
Please note: If the APN has to be set by SMS, make sure that the device receives the command successfully. In particular, remember to put 00 or + before the Things Mobile number (for example 00882... or +882...) when you send an SMS message from another operator to a Things Mobile SIM card. Similarly, remember to put 00 or + and the country code before the number (for example, 0039 or +39 for Italy) when you send an SMS message from Things Mobile to another operator.