Why have charges been made for SMS messages that my device has not sent?

We recommend that you check the settings that you selected for the device, because the SIM cards do not send SMS messages by themselves.

If you see in the IoT Portal that charges have been made for SMS messages, it means that the messages in question have genuinely been sent from the device, although they may not have reached the intended recipient. If this is the case, we advise you to do as follows:
• If the device is programmed to send SMS messages to an administrator using a number that is saved in the device itself, make sure that the number contains the country code (for example, +39 or 0039 for Italy). If there is no country code, there will be a charge for SMS messages sent from the device but they will not be delivered
 • If it is a device such as a satellite tracker that sends an SMS update every time there is a change from a set configuration, check the frequency with which the device sends the SMS updates or information
We recommend that you check the device’s user manual or contact the device manufacturer’s customer service team.