I ordered a SIM card from the online shop but it has not arrived. What do I need to do?

If you chose the “Priority Mail” delivery option for the SIM card and more than 15 working days have passed since the delivery deadline, your order may have been lost by the postal service.

If this is the case, we can send a replacement SIM card with the same type of shipping (Priority Mail) for free or by Express Courier for €10,00 (including VAT) to addresses in Italy or €20,00 (including VAT) to addresses in Europe or €20,00€ to addresses outside Europe.

To ask for a replacement SIM card, email our customer service team at supporto@thingsmobile.com and provide them with the following information:
• Order number and order date
• Username (the email address that you used to register)
• The full delivery address for the replacement SIM card:
1) Name
2) Surname
3) Address (including the street name and house number)
4) ZIP Code
5) Town/City
6) Province
7) Country
• Contact number
• Type of shipping
If you choose to have the replacement SIM card shipped by express courier, you can pay by PayPal using the address business@thingsmobile.com or follow the instructions below:
• Follow this PayNow link
• Enter the amount
• Click “Continue”
• Select “Pay with card”
• Enter your credit card details and complete the payment process